What is Kairos Holistic Wellness Center

Kairos Holistic Wellness Center specializes in Bio-Energetic alignment. We work with your energy field to help move your system into coherence. When your energy is in an entropic state of being; it can cause disturbances within your system. Moving into coherence allows the body to rebalance and align creating a holistic environment. We provide holistic support to help you maintain your personal wellness. Through various channels and modalities, Kairos helps  support your human biofield.

What We Offer

At Kairos Holistic Wellness Center, we offer:

Nutritional Coaching and Counseling

Biofield Assessment

Heart Rate Variability and Coherence Training

Neurofeedback and Coherence Training

Energy Therapy

Meet Diane

Diane has a 30 year background in Nursing, obtaining her degree from the University of Michigan. She is also a graduate of Wayne State University holding her Masters in the field of Public Health and her Doctorate in Research and Energy Science.

Meet Sarah

Sarah has a background in Visual Communication with a degree from University of Michigan. She has a BA in Holistic Health from Quantum University and is working on her Masters, PhD and Doctorate in Natural Medicine through Quantum University. She is also certified in Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath.

Contact Us

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